Elizabeth McGregor


Elizabeth McGregor

She came from Ayrshire, she did silly things like pretending to try and skip in high heels, she wore DKs − she must be a Bearsden girl. Elementary, my dear Watson.

What you missed is that she was also a looker and appeared with her blonde sister Marion, with both wearing directoire knickers; no doubt to the great delight of photographer Fullarton – on both counts.

But, as so often happens, little more information is available about her. So we are back to deduction.

Personal details  -  36-23-37

Appearances  -  6, debut Span 93 (May 1962)

Spick  -  109

Span  -  93

Beautiful Britons  -  97, 233

Spick & Span Special  -  4 62 Autumn, 06 63 Spring