Diane McCall

Diane McCall

Diane was a Scottish model from Ayrshire, but made her debut at least a couple of years before the sale of the company to Fullerton & Lloyd in Scotland and therefore not a Bearsden girl. She purported to be a shorthand typist who loved dancing. She had jet black hair, often worn in the bouffant syle, piled up on her head, that was so popular in the early 1960s, as was another fashion trend Diane exhibits - black stockings worn with white shoes.

Diane did some great duo shoots with fellow Scottish model Jackie Leyton (purported to be her cousin) on stepladders and generally fooling about whilst providing a mouth-watering display of their stockings, suspenders and knickers. But she didn’t last long; her appearance in Beautiful Britons 227 in April 1974 in a bunny girl outfit was just a re-print of shots from the sequence in issue 78 of the same mag 12 years earlier (and Span 93 of the same year – 1962).

All her other appearances were from the 12 months between the summers of 1961 and 1962. Which poses two questions; what happened to such a vivacious model? And why did ToCo resurrect her all those years later with existing shots never to show her again?

Personal Details  -  35-22-36

Appearances  -  13, debut BB 68 (June 1961)

Spick  -  99

Span  -  83, 90, 92, 93

Beautiful Britons  -  68, 75, 76, 78, 81, 227

Funfare  -  42(bc), 43