Diane Grant

Also known as  -  Angela Grant

Originally a fashion and photographic model from Yorkshire, Diane found quick success as an actress. Within a year of her arriving on the scene, she was appearing in Carry on Up the Khyber, Lock up Your Daughters and The Assassination Bureau on the large screen, and in the BBC adaptation of Noel Coward’s Bon Voyage on the small screen.

ToCo refers to her in one mag as a teacher but as a student of philosophy and psychology in London in another.  You never really know with those photo captions – sometimes they were right and sometimes they were rubbish to the point of unimaginative drivel. Perhaps she did actually move to London to study and discovered that her looks, legs and figure would allow her to make a massive supplement to her student grant – and things just took off. Including her clothes.

Appearances  -  7, debut Beautiful Britons 148 (March 1968)

Spick  -  177

Span  -  240, 259

Beautiful Britons  -  148, 154, 157, 162