Christine Norton

Also known as  -  Anne Worth, Nina James

Christine was a pretty and vivacious girl who made several appearances in school uniform. She was one of the few who really got the schoolgirl look right − no 1950s costume gymslips, but the genuine striped blazer, school tie and pleated skirt of the ’60s. She looked every bit a genuine Sixth Former.

For non-British readers, a few words of explanation are needed to reassure you that the British fascination with girls in school uniform (a regular feature in the ToCo mags and many, many others) does not mean we are a nation of pedophiles. School uniforms have always been part of our culture; the idea is that if everyone wears the same clothes it will help engender a spirit of being on the same team. So, for many Brits of a certain age, our first fumblings with girls were encounters involving white blouses, pleated skirts, navy blue knickers and black stockings. So deeply rooted is this fetish that an entire series of very popular feature films was made in the ‘50s and ‘60s called The Belles of St. Trinians. They starred grown-up actresses, some of whom appeared in Spick and Span, cavorting around in gymslips and black stockings and generally behaving very badly – but with absolutely no sexual connotations. The naughty but nice thing. In the 1980s, there was even a restaurant in London called School Dinners where the waitresses were decked out in school uniform, with very short skirts, black stockings and suspenders. It was quite difficult to get a table.

Back to Christine. ToCo was somewhat coy in referring to her in one edition as a college student (not a schoolgirl) studying hard for her exams (as only three were named – history, physics and French – they were presumably A Levels, however unlikely a combination that might sound) and that she wanted to be a teacher. In other words, she was 18 or 19. Perhaps this coyness stems from the company feeling it needed to emphasise that it did not take pictures of under-age girls – all the gymslip stuff comes with explanations like “Susan has dug out her old school uniform for you to salivate over”. But Sixth Formers and college girls are over the age of 16 and therefore not minors in the legal sense of the word. As if anyone could think for a nanosecond that any of the ToCo St. Trinian’s mob could ever be taken for little girls. Then they go and spoil it all in another mag by saying Christine was taking her O Levels, which would mean she was about 15 or 16 – whoops, that’s jailbait! Naughty ToCo.

Personal details  -  Born 1955

Appearances  -  6, debut Spick 178 (September 1968)

Spick  -  178, 247

Span  -  225

Beautiful Britons  -  152

Spick & Span Extra  -  50, 60