Carole Ann Ford

Carole hails from Essex, east of London and is one of the many girls for whom ToCo was an important stepping stone to a later successful career as a legitimate actor, despite her diminutive stature.

Her brother may have influenced her decision to try and get into showbiz – he was a singer in the 1950s. Apart from her regular appearances in the ToCo titles, she was featured in countless TV, stage and screen mags. Carole’s face became known and she made the lucky breakthrough that so many did not.  She lost some time in the race due to a bout of illness that put her in hospital for a while, but made a successful recovery and was soon picked for the TV series Turnabout.  This led to a long and varied acting and voice-over career, with her appearing in many stage plays, films and TV series. Indeed Carole was the Doctor’s companion in the very first Doctor Who BBC series in 1963. 

In 1977, she went through another period of illness that brought about a dramatic weight loss and the loss of her voice. She ended her acting career and taught voice and presentation skills, coaching politicians, businessmen, after-dinner speakers – and other actors. Since the turn of the millennium, she has made something of a return to acting.

Carole is married with two daughters.

Personal details  -  Born 16 June 1941      35-23-35          5ft 1in  (1.55m)

Appearances  -  16, debut Span 25 (September 1956)

Spick  -  45, 53

Span  -  25, 34, 38, 44(bc), 45(bc), X10

Beautiful Britons  -  11, 23, 25, 28, BBX5

Funfare  -  5, 6

66  -  23