Bridie Goodwin 

Bridie was a country girl who, like many others before her, journeyed to London to try and find fame and fortune as a fashion model. And, like many others before her, learned that such a dream didn’t come true for everybody. So she went back to the country and resumed her life as a secretary and her rural pastimes of tennis and horse riding.

She has always vaguely reminded me of Sandie Shaw, the first British performer to win the Eurovision Song Contest (in Vienna in 1967 with Puppet on a String) and who, like American Folk queen Joan Baez, liked to kick off her shoes before going on stage.

Bridie was one of Ken Howard's girls, a professional model rather than a reader’s wife or girlfriend. As such, she modelled for him in various magazines, including full-frontal nude stuff for Health and Efficiency.

Many ToCo models sometimes dug out their old school uniform for a photo series – and I have always thought Bridie should have been one of them − she has that ingenue air about her, and would not look like mutton dressed as lamb. She can be tricky to identify – not just because of the array of names, but because, although she was a brunette, she is also seen (as Bridget Kildare at least) wearing a long blonde wig. But there is one pointer. In nearly every shoot she did, she wore a pair of lacy knickers; even in the one set I have of her in tights instead of stockings – though, as most girls did in those days, she wore her knickers over the tights.

Personal details  -  36-23-36

Appearances  -  13, debut Span 206 (October 1971)

Spick  -  228, 270

Span  -  206, 214, 218, 224, 260

Beautiful Britons  -  217, 252,

Spick & Span Extra  -  41, 42, 45, 46