Bridget Cole 

Also known as  -  Jane Darnley

Very ToCo, very girl-next-door, Bridget was a pretty girl with a gorgeous schoolgirl figure. There is confusion in the accompanying texts (yet again) about where she was from. One mag says Crawley in Sussex, another says Horley in Surrey – sounds suspiciously like a bad phone connection when the picture editor got back from the pub at lunchtime and was desperately trying to cobble a few words together with a deadline looming through the beer fumes.

She was said to work in an office in Croydon (perhaps just round the corner from ToCo’s office?) and was thinking about becoming a model (and had lunch in the same pub as the ToCo boys?).  With 12 appearances, someone must have persuaded her that being a glamour model was a noble cause and that it was only a lovely girl’s duty to flash her stocking tops and knickers for a photographer – and scores of thousands of ogling men.

She loved horses and was often seen riding on the Sussex Downs.

Personal details  -  Born 1949

Appearances  -  12, debut Beautiful Britons 133 (December 1966)

Spick  -  159(bc), 244

Span  -  148, 149, 199(bc), 225

Beautiful Britons  -  133, 137, 153, 169, 171?

Spick & Span Extra  -  22