Brenda North

A pretty girl with a beautiful figure and long legs, Brenda was from the Glasgow area and very much part of the Bearsden setup. And very definitely one of the “girl next door” set, with a much more Mona Lisa smile than Anne Scott’s broad grin. Little information is given about her except that she was a Beatles fan – but then so was half the population in the sixties; the other half were Stones fans.

There is ample evidence for the assertion she was one of Fullarton’s girls – her portfolio has his fingerprints all over it; the silly ladder out in the country, the familiar car boot and the even more familiar DKs (directoire knickers if this is the first model profile you’re reading).

Appearances  -  14, debut Span 125 (January 1965)

Spick  -  142, 143, 164

Span  -  125, 126, 129, 150, 136, 258

Beautiful Britons  -  111, 112, 115, 190, 224