Book Grading

Please Note Any Additional Information With The Item Description

Very Fine  -  Slightly worn copy with only very minor defects or light paper discoloration. Minimal surface wear, with no major cover marks or creases.

Fine  -  Some defects apparent, but still presentable. Clean and flat with only light soiling, edge wear, and creases. Above average copy, read a few times.

Very Good  -  Average copy, may have a combination of creases and small tears or a small piece missing. Pages may be yellowing but none will be missing.

Good  -  Complete and intact book, but well-read may have more heavily soiled pages with multiple defects.

Fair  -  Worn copy with heavy multiple defects and small to moderate pieces missing or loose. Pages may be dry at the edges and will be brown.

Poor  -  Very worn and soiled, possibly with missing pages or panels. Low paper quality, brittle and brown with a taped spine.