Bobbie Shaw

Also known as  -  Laurie Sands, Petra Germaine

A well-proportioned, dark-eyed girl from the London area, Bobby was a professional photographic model who featured in many of ToCo's publications. But she was by no means a Spick-Span exclusive − she was also seen in a large number of other magazines of the 1960s-70s, including the SRA publications found elsewhere on this site. She appeared under different names; it is my belief – though I am prepared to stand corrected − that Petra Germaine (said to come from Germany) and Bobby are one and the same. Whatever her real name (which I believe was indeed Bobby Shaw) she was one of those models who went on to carve out some sort of career at least on the screen, appearing in at least one TV comedy series.

ToCo claims that she was London housewife and mother and “an absolute dreamboat at creating floral decorations (for that read she was good at flower arranging) and that she did “welfare work” in her spare time – but then that covers a multitude of sins. Bobby was another Spick and Span model thrust, willingly or unwillingly, into a pair of directoire knickers on more than one occasion. My grandma used to wear them. She called them “passion killers”. Wonder what their appeal was?

Bobby was also unusual in that she was one of those girls who got dressed in the wrong order. She invariably wore her knickers under her suspender belt, which must have made having a pee a lengthy – and risky if she was caught short − affair. 

Personal details  -  Born 1950      36-23-36

Appearances  -  28 (5 covers), debut Spick 162 (May 1967)

Spick  -  162, 165(bc), 166, 168, 187, 188, 206, 251

Span  -  155, 162, 166, 173(bc), 192, 203, 234, 239

Beautiful Britons  -  141, 157, 163, 166, 189, 205, 235

Spick & Span Extra  -  24, 28, 33, 53, 59