Pamela Johnston

Pamela Johnston - Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons Model.

Pamela Johnston - Home page and gallery update.

One of the Bearsden girls, blue-eyed Pam was also a secretary in Glasgow, born in Ayrshire but worked at home and abroad. Indeed, for her time she was quite a jet-setter – people who had travelled all over Europe, Canada and the USA were very rare in those days. Her name sometimes appeared as Johnstone – with an e.

She moved to the Buffalo in the USA for a year, according to editor Brewter to take a job as curator of a museum and to be a karate expert. For once, we know that at least the time spent across the pond was true – for a very good reason; Pam was one of the very few models who actually wrote about herself. Spick 149 has a three page letter sent to ToCo whilst on her post-Christmas ’65 trip to the States, which was far from the commonplace trip it is nowadays.

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