Jane McKay

Jane McKay - Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons Model.

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Although details of Jane McKay are few and far between (apart from the fact that she was a shorthand typist in the City and lived in Kent – or possibly a hairdresser from Bristol who “models for the fun of it” – and was an amateur pop singer), she occupies a unique place in the history of ToCo.

As explained in the history section (work in progress at the moment), the publishers campaigned for readers to submit photos of wives and girlfriends for hopeful models. From that campaign, of course, the seeds of the magazine Beautiful Britons were sown. Beautiful is pushing it a bit (with a few exceptions, pretty would be a more appropriate adjective, though you would lose the alliteration), as is Britons (many of the girls came from foreign climes) – and the amateur status of many of the models is questionable.

But take a look at this reader’s letter, and its response, from Spick 73 in December 1959:

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