June Palmer - Big Update - New Information

June Palmer

The mother of them all. The model responsible for the first erection of millions of young lads in the 1960s. June was prolific in her work (unpublished negatives are still turning up), mostly because of her association with George Harrison Marks, but she also appeared in the ToCo titles and was still working professionally well into her forties for magazines such as Mayfair. Like a fine wine, she just got tastier.

She was born June Margaret Palmer in Bromley in Kent – that much is certain.

But there are contradictory theories about the details of her private life. Wikipedia, IMDb and even NPL York claim she did not marry until 1993, when she was 53. That does happen, of course – for librarians and accountants and academics. But for such a beautiful woman, in such an exotic job, in such a frenzied atmosphere? The odds, somehow, are against that.

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