Marilyn Ward

Marilyn Ward - Miss World 1971

Marilyn Ward                      

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Not just an alluring model but a genuine beauty queen, Marilyn won the title Miss United Kingdom in 1971 – she was on the cover of that year’s December issue – and later runner-up in Miss World. And as the recent colour photo of her shows, although she’s put on a pound or two, her beauty, personality and sexiness have survived the ravages of time.

She lived in New Milton in Hampshire and was one of the most famous of the Bournemouth Ken Howard models, indeed it is rumoured the he may have discovered her at a local beauty contest. She worked solo and in duos (with Liz Harvey, Nicola Taylor and Pauline Gorvin), and in locations that ran through decades of magazines; the front room that many believe was Ken Howard’s home, the woods and the beaches somewhere not far from Bournemouth – my guess would be Sandbanks.

Howard had some weird ideas in his shoots – what we used to called ‘kinky boots’ in those days (and there was a time when Toco Publications tried to sell them) and strange photo series, also with Marie Graham and Eve Law, that became a Howard hallmark − the girls’ front suspenders were crossed. Quite why he did this is anyone’s guess; perhaps they were told to do it simply for your satisfaction − heightening the fetishistic appeal of the suspenders and underlining what the magazines were truly all about. In one series with Liz Harvey, she even continues the lamentable Bearsden tradition of exhibiting directoire knickers – perhaps Ken Howard was under orders from Croydon to do his own stuff by all means (though nobody could have imagined in their wildest dreams he would come up with crossing your friends’ suspenders), but stick to what we know works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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