Betty Kenward

Betty Kenward

Betty was a shorthand typist from Kent (or Sussex – ToCo confusion rules, OK?) who loved dancing and the odd fashion modelling gig. She was one of those models who appeared only a very few times. Which poses all sorts of questions. She was a natural – great figure, good legs, heart-melting smile and exuding a real sense of fun in her modelling. Why did we not see more of her? Did she fall out with the photographer? With Staples? Or was her boyfriend not overjoyed about her exhibiting her knickers and suspenders to the male population of the country? Such a shame.

She is as much of a conundrum as another mayfly model – Jan Miller. She too appeared in only a few mags – and at much the same time as Betty. Indeed, she appeared in the same edition of Spick (111) in which both made their debuts. In truth, until that mag turned up I thought there was a possibility that ToCo had made another post-pub-lunch blunder in giving the same girl two sequences under two names, so similar are they; they could easily be sisters.

The blunder accusation is not unfounded, by the way. In BB 96, from October 1963, picture editor Robin Brewster writes, “this is Betty’s first appearance in front of our camera”, yet two photos of her made up the centre spread of Spick 111 eight months earlier that year, in February.

Personal Details  -  None

Appearances  -  2, debut Spick 111 (February 1963)

Spick  -  111

Beautiful Britons  -  96