Barbara Archer

Barbara Archer

Barbara had a rather unusual job – she was a secretary for a national newspaper in Fleet Street. For younger readers, that’s where all the papers were located in the dim and distant pre-Murdoch past of inky-fingered typesetters. For her, modelling was a part-time job that she did purely for fun. But even so, she was obviously made aware of the problem photographers had to live with then, poor sods – no pubes to be displayed. So although Barbara never did any nude stuff, she was seen in a weird tasselled bikini in a roof garden – and although she may not have gone to the lengths of a full Brazilian (before they were invented of course), she definitely seems to have had a radical trim job. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our hobbies – and sometimes hubbies.

And because she worked at the time she did, whenever she was photographed in stockings, they were always genuine fully-fashioned seamed stockings. Still a huge turn on – though they now cost 20 times the price they did then.

She used to live in Streatham in Surrey but then moved further out into the country so she and her husband could have a larger garden to which they could devote their spare time.

Barbara was one of the girls that definitely had “it” – but we didn’t see enough of “it”. The editorial team didn’t seem particularly taken by her. Having said that, although she only made 8 appearances, she was seen in four of the six titles. Which ain’t bad going. She appeared in both Span and 66 of May 1958, but Span came out on the 6th of the month and 66 on the 16th – so the former takes the credit for being the first to display her.

Personal Details  -  34-22-35

Appearances  -  8, debut Span 45 (May 1958)

Spick  -  62

Span  -  45, 49, X6

Funfare  -  10

66  -  36, 39