Audrey Wayne

Audrey Wayne

Audrey was a pretty, blue-eyed blonde with what is known in the UK as a peaches-and-cream complexion. We are told she had four equally attractive blonde sisters and came from Catford in south-east London.

When she was not in front of the camera, she was behind a desk hammering on a typewriter for the Esso Oil Company.

Her passion for dancing led to a chance meeting at the Hammersmith Palais, a renowned London dance hall, with an advertising executive who persuaded her to take a test sitting in a professional studio. She was soon in great demand by the country’s glamour photographers and was seen in all the glossy magazines of her day. But she was only in the ToCo stables for a couple of years – and then vanished without trace. Marriage perhaps – with hubby putting his foot down about him being the only one allowed to see her in her knickers, stockings and suspenders. Ho hum.

She claimed her hobbies were “records, men and parties” but she also collected glass ornaments and loved swimming.

Personal Details  -  Born 1934       34-24-36

Appearances  -  9, debut Span 17 (January 1956)

Spick  -  33, 41

Span  -  17, 25, 40

Beautiful Britons  -  7, 9, 10

Spick & Span Annual  -  1