Antonita Dias

Antonita was a pretty, cuddly Anglo-Spanish girl, born in Liverpool and sister to Carmen Dene and 3 other sisters – and 6 brothers; a brood  of 11 in all (see her entry for family details)!

She used to work in a chemist’s shop. She went on to forge something of a career for herself but never quite made the same grade as her sister Carmen. Apart from her shoots in the ToCo mags, she is also to be seen in other mags, such as Relax Vol. 2, number 3 flashing a great pair of nyloned legs in a typical Spick and Span encounter with a stepladder.

Personal details  -  None available

Appearances  -  5, debut Span 61 (September 1959)

Spick  -  SK71, SK106, SK111

Span  -  SN61, SN97(bc)