Anna Reingold  

Also known as  -  Helga Hansen, Carol Hanse, Eleanor Noyes, Hanna Foord

Anna was another model who worked under a cloak of pseudonyms of changing nationality – sometimes Dutch, sometimes West German. But whatever she elected to call herself – or much more likely Pictures and Feature Editor Robin Brewster elected to call her – she was a vivacious, green-eyed blonde, one of those models who had ‘it’ – that uncanny ability to emerge from the printed page bouncing with fun and giggling at the prospect of lifting her skirt to show you her stocking tops, suspenders and knickers, just because she knows it sends you all a-quiver. Nothing accidental-on-purpose about it; she was bold, she was blatant, she was asking “so what do you think about that, then?”.

She was said to be a secretary and a keep-fit fan. Well she certainly kept her legs in good shape – there is a photo of her leaning over the bonnet of an old Rover wearing mouth-watering black fully-fashioned nylons – she made them the epitome of nylon fetishist desire.

Ann started modelling before the arrival of the mini, so she is seen in both stocking and tights. And she is just as big a turn-on in the toe-to-hip nylon covering. She also seems to have been a member of the Burn Your Bra Brigade, displaying nipples like organ stops poking out under her dress.

Nostalgia time. The ToCo blurb accompanying one of her photos says that she’d “like Britain to join the Common Market”. Ho hum. Where did 40 years disappear to?

Personal details  -  36-23-36

Appearances  -  17, debut cover of Spick 118 (September 1963)

Spick  -  SK118, 206(bc), 191, 218, 219, 238, 239(bc), 243

Span  -  176, 226(bc)

Beautiful Britons  -  194, 201

Spick & Span Extra  -  42, 43. 45, 49, 50