Ann Grainger

Also know as  -  Cathy Grainger, Judy Downes

Ann Grainger came from Glasgow in Scotland – she was a Bearsden girl, and a very good one. She is another example of a hugely popular model who appears many times in all four main titles, but about whom the photo captions reveal very little; instead, there are silly stories that to explain the ludicrous scenarios photographer Fullarton puts them in. But the patient researcher can glean that she was a bright girl – a qualified children’s nurse who became a dental receptionist, that she did volunteer work for “old folk”, and that she loved dancing and travelling.

ToCo couldn’t even decide on how to spell her name. She was seen as combinations of Ann and Anne, Grainger and Granger and Grange, and as Judy Downes.

But she sure had what it takes. Great legs that were made to display stockings at their best, the bottle to pose for photos likes these, and, as another blogger points out, “there is a touch of the Christine Keeler about her”.

She did solo sessions and duo shoots with Annette French in the snow. It must have been a very cold day – yet photographer Fullarton didn’t take the opportunity to put them in his beloved DKs, which makes the sequences taken in more clement weather even more absurd. She also did trios with Cherie Scott and Jane Rennie – and the familiar skipping rope. Have you ever tried skipping on grass?

Personal details  -  35-23-35

Appearances  -  18, debut Beautiful Britons 90 (May 1963)

Spick  -  116, 117, 143, 221

Span  -  105(bc), 184, 207

Beautiful Britons  -  44, 90, 91, 95, 118, 195, 200

Spick & Span Extra  -  7, 49, 52, 53