Anita Dale

Anita grew up in rural Hampshire but lived in Earls Court in London in her modelling days; or Southampton – take your choice. Either way, she is said to have liked working in stylish coffee bars.

Although she only made a few appearances in ToCo magazines, she appeared in several others in the late sixties, such as Parade – and usually with less clothes, if any. So she is really more in the class of model as Dawn Grayson, Bobby Shaw and Sally Dixon in that she ‘put it about a bit’. She liked sports cars, car racing, pop music and country life. Her dream was to live in a converted country cottage.

Personal  -  Born 1951   36-22-36

Appearances  -  6, debut Span157 (September 1967)

Spick  -  176

Span  -  157, 166

Beautiful Britons  -  163

Spick & Span Extra  -  31, 35