Angela Graham

With her long, auburn tresses and fantastic figure, Angie Graham, from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, was born to be a model. She seemed to delight in flaunting it for your pleasure – in my collection of her (far from complete, I fear) there are more photos of her topless than clothed. Mind you, she was about at the end of the ToCo era.

She was certainly a bonny girl, but quite what it was about her, rather than so many of the other ToCo girls, that made her the “pin-up girl of the British Army” is a riddle. Could it be the fact that she loved history and was reading it at university that so excited the squaddies? Or was it that she had a nice pair of knockers with chewable nipples and didn’t mind flashing them for you? Answers on a postcard, please to …...

Personal details  -  37-23-36

Appearances  -  14, debut Beautiful Britons 205 (December 1972)

Spick  -  235, 239, 240, 260, 276

Span  -  265

Beautiful Britons  -  205, 209, 219, 224, 240, 251

Spick & Span Extra  -  47, 49