Angela Shaw


Angela Shaw

Angela was a gorgeous, blonde Hampshire secretary who didn’t make nearly as many appearances in the ToCo mags as she was entitled to. She had very long legs and delighted in wearing very short minis.

She was very adept at flashing what we like to see flashed − and yet she looked so young and innocent. Nevertheless, she wore girdles for us – but, unfortunately, also DKs.

Yet again, picture editor Robin Brewster refused to share any of her personal details with us. I wonder if these omissions were by request of the girls themselves, or ignorance and laziness on his part.

Angela didn’t appear in that many mags, but she is drop-dead gorgeous and is included in our Hall of Fame.

Personal details  -  None

Appearances  -  11, debut Span 153 (May 1967)

Spick  -  187, 192, 200(bc)

Span  -  153, 177(bc), 179

Beautiful Britons  -  138, 156, 167, 190

Spick & Span Extra  -  34