Angela Jones

Angela Jones is one of the most memorable and iconic models of the 1960s and ‘70s; her figure was perfection − and her shaved pussy still haunts the dreams of many young lads in those days who would have given a tube of fruit gums for a peek in a dirty book to see what one really looked like.

She was first and foremost, of course, a Harrison Marks star, recruited in 1961 for a part in his first full-length film Naked as Nature Intended. Thereafter she appeared on the covers and inside many of his magazines (Kamera, Solo etc) and at least two of his glamour films, All Steamed Up and Dream of Fair Women.

So much for the real thing. ToCo published photos of her as “a Birmingham fashion model specialising in lingerie”. Nearly all the Marks stuff is nude shoots, which, of course, was definitely not the house style in Croydon. So was she on loan, or did Marks put her into some knickers and stockings and do the shoots himself? Somebody probably knows. And we’d love to hear.

Appearances  -  13, debut Spick 94 (September 1961)

Spick  -  94, 102, 106

Span  -  78, 96

Beautiful Britons  -  78, 79, 124, 224, 237

Spick & Span Extra  -  62 Winter, 13, 40