Alison Aitken   

Also known as  -  Alison Fairlie.

Alison is an enigma.

She has all the hallmarks of photographer Fullarton (the house, the absurd sports prop – practicing her golf swing in a living room with drawn curtains ),so she is almost definitely Scottish. And she is typical ToCo − she has a sense of fun, a beaming smile, a good figure and great legs. Yet the only ToCo magazine that I have seen featuring her is BB 191, in which it is said she was a shorthand typist.

Such a shame, partly because in that mag she is wearing a girdle. And I would love to see if that is a one-off or if she wore them regularly. There are other pictures of her from at least two other sets shot in the same house and wearing different garb – but I cannot trace their origin. However, the database is growing daily…

Appearances  -  1, Beautiful Britons 191 (October 1972)